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Isotherm designs and manufactures mobile and heating equipment for mounting in military vehicles. From 1989 through 2007 Isotherm Galley Products (formerly Godfrey Aerospace of Markham, Ontario) supplied thousands of water and ration heating appliances, powered by the electrical system of the vehicles in which they are mounted.

Our products have been used extensively with the US, Canadian and German military forces and will be fitted in military vehicles for other nations fleets as well. A welcome product for military personnel who can enjoy warm food rations in action.

Isotherm continues to research and develop products to enhance the performance of international military fleets that use our products and have already introduced in 2009 the thermoelectric water chiller as a companion product to the water and ration heater (HWR). Our R&D team are currently in the process of designing a combo unit that will combine a water-ration heater and a water chiller into a single unit using twin compartments, this unit will serve a dual purpose.

As Isotherm moves forward, our technology and vision will expand in other specialized niche areas to further develop products of high quality design to meet the needs of specialized niche markets.

For more detailed information on any of our products the above products, please contact Isotherm by email to info@isotherm.ca

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