NSN 7310-20-004-3531
Isotherm Part 472012
800 Watt @ 23-30 Volt DC

In rugged terrain and hostile environments, where the closest thing to civilization becomes your vehicle, you don't want to be left with sustenance that is sub-par at best and not fitting for a crew whose mission is of paramount importance.

Your armoured vehicle has a key role to play in the success of every mission. The crew needs to be in top form at all times, which is why there should not be a meal dilemma, whether to head back to base camp for some hot food, or have another meal of cold rations.


Also called a ration heater, Isotherm's Cooking and Boiling Unit (CBU) is a self-contained electric heating appliance that solves the dilemma permanently. Mounted in the crew compartment and powered by the electrical system of the vehicle, this all-stainless, 800-watt device will cook food or heat up ready-to-eat meal packets in a jiffy, while boiling water for beverages.

The handy, three-litre inner bucket is removable for ease of use, cleaning and maintenance. Water can be drawn from the main container by means of a tap conveniently located on the front panel. When larger amounts of water are required, the entire volume of the main container, over four litres, can be devoted to this purpose.

Constructed almost entirely of 18-8 stainless steel, the Isotherm CBU device mounts readily to any vehicle and operates from the vehicle's 24-Volt DC electrical system and weighs only 7 kilograms.

A three-position switch (center being off) permits selection of two temperature settings, 70°C or 100°C (boiling). A green indicator light illuminates when power is supplied to the CBU and a white one illuminates when the heater element is heating.

As a precaution, in the event the main container boils dry, two redundant protective circuits ensure that power to the heating element is shut off. An additional feature cuts power to the CBU if the supply voltage drops below 23 VDC, protecting the vehicle's batteries from depletion in the event the CBU is inadvertently left on. The CBU returns automatically to normal operation when the voltage again rises above 25 VDC.

Another feature unique to Isotherm's CBU is the two-valve pressure relief system. By maintaining the pressure in the inner bucket slightly higher than in the main container, there is no danger of water in the bucket coming to a boil, even when the water surrounding it is boiling. Moreover, the two-valve system ensures the two containment vessels are pressure-sealed from each other, ensuring the physical segregation of their contents. The significance of this advantage can be appreciated when one considers that meal packet identification ink can be toxic, and should never be allowed to contaminate the potable water in the main container.


Overall Dimensions: (lid closed)

Width: 212 mm
Height: 250 mm
Depth: 265 mm

Weight (empty): 7.0 kg


Main Container: 4.2 litres
Removable Bucket: 3.0 litres

Nominal Voltage: 28 VDC
Permissible Voltage Range: 23 to 30 VDC
Current Draw (Operating): 28 amps
Current Draw (When Off): 5 ma (0.005 amps)

Temperature Set Points:

Position I: 68 to 72°C
Position II: 100°C

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